Welcome to EduLogin

Change your password

To access the school’s IT systems and software, you must have an EduLogin based on your Unilogin-username. Once you have received an EduLogin, you only use one and the same password for all the school’s services.

In a little while, click the “Change your password” button below.

But first, read the following brief instructions:

  • After clicking “Change the Password…“, enter your current Unilogin username. You will then receive an sms with a link to create your new password for EduLogin.
  • Now you need to enter your Unilogin username and your desired EduLogin password again.
  • Password requirements for students: minimum eight characters and three of the four types of characters in the password: numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Password requirements for employees: minimum 14 characters in the password and all four types of characters: numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters.

Forgot your password?

If you later need to get a new password for your EduLogin, use the same procedure, as when you changed the password!

Your username is always the same!